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Water Removal Services

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Water Removal Services

Emergency Water Removal Services

Water-related disasters are often spontaneous and can happen at any time of day or night. This is especially problematic because of the fact that water damage is a time-sensitive emergency. The longer standing water is on your Colorado Springs property, the more damage it will do. Due to this fact, Rare Restoration & Cleaning offers 24/7/365 emergency water removal and water extraction services.

When your Colorado Springs property is taking on water, act quickly. Call Rare Restoration & Cleaning for emergency water removal services now. We arrive in a timely manner to salvage your property, dry the area, and return affected areas to pre-loss condition. Rare Restoration is your trusted Colorado Springs CO water extraction company.

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The Water Removal Process

Water removal is a project for professionals. Total water extraction requires proper training and equipment to be successful. Removing water alone can be a good temporary solution until the professionals arrive, but without the knowledge and expertise, you will not be able to eliminate all the water. This can lead to significant secondary damages.

Rare Restoration & Cleaning is certified for emergency water removal. We will inspect your property for water damages, give you a time and cost estimate and quickly get started on the water extraction process. We can answer any questions you may have at this time.

Inspection & Estimate

Water Extraction


1. Water Damage Inspection & Estimate

The moment you give Rare Restoration a call, we will dispatch one of our highly trained water removal technicians. They will inspect your property to determine the scope of the damage, find the source, and provide a detailed time and cost estimate for the entire process.

2. Water Removal

Right after agreeing on a water extraction plan with you, the team will get started on emergency water removal. Using industrial-grade equipment our team will get the water out quickly and effectively. The machines will be left running day and night, as long as necessary to ensure all the standing water is removed from your property as quickly as possible.

3. Dehumidification

Once all the standing water is removed there is still plenty of water inside the surrounding building materials, carpets, walls, and the rest of your property. Leaving that water there can cause structural instability, rot, and mold. We use top-of-the-line dehumidifiers and air movers to remove every last drop of trapped water, moisture, and humidity from your property.

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Your Colorado Springs Water Removal Company

In Colorado Springs and the surrounding area, water damage can be a severe problem. Water causes damage in phases. Water quickly damages your property and personal belongings. The longer the water is left standing on your property, the more significant the secondary damage will be. It is not unusual to find water damage months after you think you have solved your problem. That is why it is crucial to act quickly and call professionals.

Rare Restoration is here to protect your health and property from secondary damages. Call today for emergency water removal services for your Colorado Springs property. We are the most trusted water extraction company in the area!


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