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Smoke Damage Cleaning Services

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Smoke Damage Clean Up Services

After a fire, the remaining smoke and soot infiltrate all areas of the property. Not only is it unsightly, it is difficult to clean and can cause significant health problems. This is not a job for an amateur! Without the proper equipment and techniques, DIY smoke damage cleaning often makes matters worse.

Rare Restoration & Cleaning provides high-quality smoke damage clean-up services that you can count on. From the initial smoke damage inspection to smoke and soot removal and deodorization and smoke damage restoration services, you can always count on Rare Restoration. We service all of Colorado Springs CO and surrounnding areas. Find out why Rare Restoration is the #1 restoration service in Colorado Springs.

smoke damage cleaning

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We hope this information will answer your initial questions about the Colorado Springs smoke damage clean-up process in a clear professional manner. Here are some of the questions we get asked the most:

Why is smoke damage dangerous?

Smoke will infiltrate all the surrounding materials. Once it is there, all the materials that burned up in the fire are present as well. That means that you will be inhaling toxic fumes from the fire as long as the smoke damage is present.

Will the smell of smoke clear by itself?

It would be great if that was true. But once smoke infiltrates the surrounding materials, it is near impossible to remove it without professional smoke damage cleaning.

When you are cleaning the smoke damage do you also clean the soot?

Our process always involves detailed cleaning of both smoke and soot. There is no true smoke damage cleaning without removing all the soot and the materials that have been heavily infiltrated.

Can I perform smoke damage cleaning myself?

Smoke damage cleaning is serious work that takes professional equipment and knowledge to perform correctly. Not only will it be near impossible to clear it without professional expertise, but it is also very dangerous to your own health and safety. This is a job best left to the professionals.

Q – When Will the Smoke Smell Dissipate?

A – This is all dependant on the size of the fire, the duration of the fire, and the types of materials that have burned. While this is a question without a clear answer, we can guarantee to you that our team will work day and night to clear the smoke damage, and that includes clearing the smell of smoke. When you hire Rare Restoration Services, you know you are hiring a team that has your best interest in mind.

Q – What Is The Price And The Duration Of The Smoke Damage Cleaning?

A – Here at Rare Restoration we offer a free initial smoke damage inspection to carefully analyse your entire property. This helps determine how long will it take to clean it up. After the inspection, we will provide you with a detailed time and cost estimate. This will help you plan your finances and time, file an insurance claim, and continue with your life as quickly as it is possible.

Colorado Springs Smoke Soot Cleaning & Smoke Deodorization

When faced with smoke damage, your health and safety are in immediate danger. For this reason, it is imperative that you contact a true professional like Rare Restoration that will clean your property following a fire. We have a tried and true process that guarantees to clean smoke damage while salvaging your personal belongings. 

We use a unique combination of techniques like thermal fogging and hydroxyl generators in a conjunction with the high levels of knowledge and skill from our team. Our team of experts is more than ready to deal with even the toughest smoke odors without causing any further damage to your property. This will not only make your property smell fresh again, but it will also drastically improve the quality of the indoor air. When certain pieces of furniture or building materials are overly saturated we will remove them and replace them as needed.


When you are in need of professional smoke damage cleaning and smoke odor removal services, you can count on Rare Restoration. 

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Your Trusted Smoke Damage Cleaning Company

Smoke is a very general term for all the burnt particles that lift away from a fire and travel through the air. Depending on the cause there are many different types of smoke, each leaving a different mark and problem behind. These different types of smoke require different methods of smoke damage cleaning to successfully restore the affected property.

That is where our years of experience, and the communities trust truly come in helpful. We are the #1 local smoke damage removal service. Call Rare Restoration today and get rid of all the smoke and soot.

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