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Fire Damage Restoration

24/7 Emergency Fire Repair Services 

Fires inflict immediate destruction, but the damage doesn’t end there. Without repairs, affected properties remain exposed to additional havoc from weather, trespassing, and wildlife. These secondary damages lead to more costs and delayed rebuilding. Don’t let fire damage spiral out of control – call Rare Restoration right away for emergency repairs.

Our crews specialize in swift fire damage repair to stabilize structures. We use quality materials and proven methods to patch holes, secure openings, and fix fire-related destruction. Our goal is to quickly repair fire-ravaged properties to prevent further loss. We know that fast response is key to saving investments and facilitating reconstruction.

Don’t wait to act against the threats posed by unrepaired, fire-damaged buildings. Contact Rare Restoration today to schedule rapid response fire damage repairs. We have the training and tools to properly fix and seal off damaged areas. Let us help halt the havoc fires leave behind. With our emergency services, we can have your property secured quickly.

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Why it is Important to Start Repairs ASAP

After a devastating fire, it’s crucial to begin repairs immediately to prevent further damage. Fire-ravaged structures left exposed will continue deteriorating from weather, pests, and trespassers. Rain can lead to massive water damage. Rodents and insects take over. Looters steal valuables and vandals leave behind more wreckage. The longer a damaged building sits unprotected and unrepaired, the more it falls into disrepair. Additional destruction leads to higher repair bills, insurance claims, and project delays down the road. Swift fire damage repair is the only way to stabilize things quickly and halt the spiral of secondary damage. Secure openings to keep the elements out. Patch holes to deter trespassers. Fix electrical and plumbing systems to prevent short circuits and leaks. Remove smoke odors and soot to prevent worsening. The faster expert repairs can begin, the more that can be saved. Don’t wait weeks or months to start repairs. Contact fire damage restoration services immediately after the flames die down. The first hours and days are crucial – so call for emergency repairs right away.



    The Process of Fire Damage Repair

    Emergency Board Up

    Water Extraction

    Fire Damage Assessment

    Restoring Utilities

    Smoke and Soot Removal

    Reconstruction Repairs


    Why is quick response important after a fire?

    It’s crucial to start repairs immediately to prevent further damage from weather, pests, and trespassers. The longer a damaged building sits exposed, the more it deteriorates. Swift repairs stop the spiral of secondary damage.

    What types of repairs may be needed after a fire?

    Common repairs include boarding up broken windows/doors, covering holes in roofs/walls, cleaning smoke residue and soot, restoring power and plumbing systems, mold remediation, and rebuilding damaged structures.

    How can I find a qualified fire damage repair company?

    Look for experienced local contractors certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Verify proper licensing and insurance. Check reviews and references.

    Will my homeowners insurance cover fire repairs?

    Most standard policies cover repairs from fire damage. However, specifics depend on your policy. Check with your agent about coverage and the claims process.

    How soon can repairs start after a fire?

    Emergency board-ups and securing the property can begin right away. Reconstruction repairs may need to wait for insurance approval. A quality restoration company will guide you through the full process.

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    The Premier Fire Damage Repair Company in Colorado Springs

    When choosing a fire damage repair company, pick one trusted by insurance providers to facilitate your claim. Rapid response is also key – delays lead to worsening destruction. Look for 24/7 emergency availability. Additionally, find a local company that treats you with compassion, not headaches.

    At Rare Restoration, we aim to be Colorado Springs’ top option for fire damage repair. Our restoration specialists are IICRC-certified and receive ongoing training to deliver excellent service. We take care in handling your property and understand this is a stressful time. Our customer service sets us apart.

    With superior training, equipment, and a commitment to quality work, we rise above competitors in fire damage restoration. We proudly serve all of Colorado Springs and want to be your ally when disaster strikes. Our expertise facilitates proper repairs and your insurance claim, while our understanding provides comfort during a difficult experience.

    For fire damage beyond the flames, call the company trusted by residents – Rare Restoration. Reach us anytime at 719-624-4997 for 24/7 emergency repairs.


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