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Fire Damage Restoration

24/7 Emergency Fire Board-Up Services 

A fire is a devastating event. Even though the flames did damage you could not fathom, there is still plenty of more ways that your property could suffer if it is not properly secured. Secondary damages can easily happen if the proper precautions are not taken, leading to even more financial loss and further delays in your return to your property. The solution for this problem is the emergency fire board-up service provided by Rare Restoration.

Our tested and proven method provides protection from the elements, vandals, and animals that could otherwise cause even more chaos and devastation. Contact us todaay to schedule emergency fire board up services and secure the premises.

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Common Causes of Secondary Damages

After dealing with a fire, the last thing you need is extra headaches. Secure your home from any possible secondary damages and speed up your return to your property by using professional fire board-up services. Our emergency fire board up services offer an extra layer of security against:

  • Vandals
  • Animals
  • Rain
  • Wind
  • And many more


Secondary damages- fire board-up

The Fire Board-Up Process

Our Process….

3. Prepare The Materials

1. Inspect & Assess Damage

4. Prepare The Property

2. Take Measures 

5. Secure The Boards

1. Inspect & Assess Damage

Our certified staff will carefully test and inspect all areas of your property to determine the extent of the soot, smoke, or fire damage. This will help us in the future fire restoration services, in addition to helping us understand what are the most vulnerable areas of the property.

2. Emergency Fire Board Up Service

We will carefully measure all the openings like the windows and doors so that we prepare the proper boards for the fire board-up process.

3. Prepare The Materials

After all the measurements have been taken, we will prepare the 2×4 plywood boards that will be needed for the board-up. We will also prepare the braces and other materials that we will need to properly secure the boards.

4. Prepare The Property

Now we have to prepare the property by drilling the holes and selecting at which sites we will put in the braces. The process is pretty straightforward but every fire is different so we are always ready to improvise.

5. Secure The Property

The last step is to actually install the 2x4s. All openings will be covered and braced so that no break-in can be done easily. Our method follows the prescribed method by the U.S. Fire Administration.

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The Premier Fire Board-up Company in Colorado Springs

When you are choosing a fire board-up company, you should preferably find one that is preferred by your national and local insurance company. Besides securing your home, we will also ease the process of your insurance claim.

The next thing you should be looking at is the speed of the response time. It should be without delays, which is why our emergency service lines are open 24/7.

And last but certainly not least: you should find a local company that is compassionate and full of understanding. Fires are very stressful events, so you definitely do not need extra headaches.

Rare Restoration is always striving to be better and to be the #1 fire board-up company in Colorado Springs. There is a reason the residents trust us and love our services!

These are just some of the reasons why to call Rare Restoration. Our highly trained and IICRC-certified specialists are one of the top reasons to do so. Their attention to detail, respect, and care when handling your belongings, and our superior customer service all make us stand tall above the competition. When a disaster strikes, you know that you have an ally in Rare Restoration. We are proud to service the entirety of Colorado Springs.


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