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Mold Testing in Colorado Springs

Mold testing in Colorado Springs is done by Rare Restoration on a regular basis. We quickly and efficiently enter homes and businesses to test for mold. We can determine what kind of mold, if any, is in your home and choose the best method for removal. Not only is getting the mold remediated our priority, but we also have experts on hand who can repair any damage that have occurred as a result.

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Mold Removal Colorado Springs CO

In Colorado Springs and the surrounding area, mold can be a serious problem. Not only is it unsightly, but it can also be very dangerous if it is breathed in for too long or in extremely high amounts. The services that you need when mold has taken over your home, mold removal Colorado Springs desperately needs, is readily supplied by the best remediation company in the business, Rare Restoration!

Mold is a naturally occurring substance, which basically means that it can be found everywhere. A little isn’t harmful, but given the right conditions, mold can grow unchecked and unseen for weeks or months. That much mold can be damaging – to both your property and to your family’s health. If someone in your home has a respiratory condition such as asthma or COPD, they are at an even higher risk of being affected by indoor mold growth.

If you or a loved one has had unexplained symptoms – cough, eye irritation, tightness in the chest, or nasal congestion – maybe it isn’t the air outside that’s making you feel this way! In many cases, mold removal Colorado Springs customers have done by Rare Restoration quite literally clears the air of the majority of airborne and attached mold spores, making the customer’s home a safer place to be!

Not only will your home be cleaner on an invisible level, but the surface of any mold-covered surface will appear 100% restored. We will remove mold from any surface, and our mold remediation services will also make the air smell fresher, since mold tends to give off a musty odor.

Rare Restoration does everything, from mold sampling to remediation and air testing. This means that mold removal Colorado Springs gets from our professional team is everything you’ll need from beginning to end. Once we have determined what type of mold is affecting your home or place of business, this will give us a better understanding of what we’re dealing with and how to get rid of it for good!

If you or a family member has been experiencing health problems lately, call Rare Restoration for mold testing services. We’d be willing to bet that there is mold growth in your home, probably somewhere that you can’t see it. Bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms are prime locations for mold growth since there are water sources readily available. Water leaks and busted pipes are common causes of mold, but they are only a few of the many causes of indoor mold growth.

Whatever the cause of your particular issue, Rare Restoration can provide the mold removal Colorado Springs needs to keep its homes and businesses looking great, not to mention keeping them free and clear of harmful mold spores!

Do you want a job as important as mold remediation done partially, or do you want professional results you can trust? There’s only one right answer to that question, and it’s complete service that you can get from Rare Restoration! Call us when you’re ready for the service you deserve!

Why Hire a Mold Specialist for Removing Mold?

Mold removal is a project for the professional. Mold remediation requires proper training and the proper equipment to do it correctly. Treating mold with household products such as peroxide or bleach can cause mold to spread and create more damage in your home.

Rare Restoration & Cleaning is certified for remediating and removing mold. We will meet with you to discuss a plan of action, pricing, and scope of work including completion goals. We can answer any questions you may have at this time.

Inspection & Testing

Removal & Cleaning

Containment & Filtration

Final Inspection

Inspection & Testing

A certified and trained technician will inspect any visible signs of mold. We may also use moisture detection equipment to determine the source of the moisture so that we can get to the root of the problem. After the inspection your technician will determine whether or not additional testing is needed. In the event further testing is needed we may collect air and surface samples to send to a third party lab testing facility who will provide a report of what kind of mold(s) are present and how much. Following the testing and inspection we’ll write a mold remediation protocol and scope of work to properly remediate the mold.

Containment & Filtration

To prevent the mold from spreading to unaffected areas of your property we’ll create a containment chamber. We utilize HEPA filtration machines that are constantly filtering the air to place the containment chamber under negative pressure. During the next phases of the mold remediation process we will disturb the mold spores that are present. The containment combined with the HEPA filtration ensures that the mold spores stay within the chamber and are also being immediately removed from the air.

Removal & Cleaning

We will remove any affected materials such as drywall, doors, door trim, and baseboards, and place them in plastic bags for disposal. When all of the affected materials are removed the cleaning process begins. We have a very thorough process that involves wet cleaning and HEPA vacuuming to remove the mold spores from the affected area. Not only will we be cleaning the directly affected areas but we’ll also clean and sanitize the adjacent walls and ceilings during our cleaning process.

Final Inspection

During the final inspection phase post testing may happen before we remove the HEPA filtration and the containment. This is to ensure that mold levels are at the appropriate and safe levels. In the rare event of an issue we’ll address it immediately. We’ll remove any remaining equipment and containment to allow access to the area once again. We can work with you to replace any materials that were removed during the remediation process to get your property back to normal. Depending on the scope of work to do so we may refer you to one of our trusted partnering contractors.

Mold Remediation

It doesn’t take long for mold and mildew to take a firm hold in a home or business. And it’s not something that you can take care of your own. Mold is stubborn, impossible to remove if you don’t have the right tools and products. Rare Restoration offers the best mold remediation Colorado Springs has to offer, so when you have mold, mildew and other unsightly and dangerous substances growing in your home or business, call us to remove it and remediate the damage completely!

After a roof leak or a burst pipe, it could be just a couple of days when the first signs of mold are visible, but the chances of the property owner actually finding it in that amount of time are slim. Mold likes to hide in dark, damp places, which typically means behind the walls, in the air ducts, and under carpets and rugs. By the time it is discovered, mold is usually a huge problem that needs to be handled by a professional cleaning team!

If you have had an unexpected water source in your home or business – anything from an internal water leak to outdoor flooding that has worked its way in – you should probably call for water and mold remediation Colorado Springs customers have been relying on for years, regardless of whether you actually SEE any mold yet or not. Trust us, after years of experience, we can tell you with certainty that it’s just a matter of time!

Water Flooding Your Home!?

Mold Remediation Colorado Springs

There are so many good reasons to choose Rare Restoration for mold remediation Colorado Springs customers will be forever grateful for! Here are a few of them:

  • Around the clock service
  • Highly trained staff
  • Nationwide reputation for excellence
  • Genuine customer care

With these and many more endearing qualities, it’s easy to see how Rare Restoration has made a name for ourselves time and again here in Colorado Springs and beyond! Don’t hesitate to call us, even when you think the damage is irreversible. We’re experts in restoration and repair, and you’ll probably be surprised at the results we can achieve!

Mold Remediation – One Step Further

We’re often asked if mold removal that other companies provide and mold remediation Colorado Springs customers can get from Rare Restorations are the same thing. The answer is no.

Mold removal is a faulty term in the first place, and therefore, it’s something that Rare Restoration won’t guarantee. You see, removal gives property owners the impression that every microscopic mold spore will be eliminated from their home or business. Rare Restoration knows that this simply isn’t possible, since mold is a naturally growing substance in virtually every climate, region and habitat, inside and out.

Instead of promising the impossible, we stress mold remediation Colorado Springs customers can trust to get their mold situation controlled in a safe, no hassle way. When we’re finished, you and your family will be at no risk for all the negative side effects overgrown mold can cause, and there will be no evidence of the mold growth inside your home or business!

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24/7 Emergency Restoration Services in Colorado Springs 719-644-6911

Mold Mitigation

Rare Restoration is the expert in mold mitigation Colorado Springs trusts above all others. We are committed to timely, thorough service each and every time. Our customers deserve the best, and that’s exactly what they’ll get! We have a specialty team on hand that knows about mold, including how and where it grows and the best practices to get rid of it for good!

Mold is everywhere, so it’s almost a certainty that you’ll have to deal with it at some point, whether it’s in your home, garage, or workspace. Some people think a quick coat of paint is all it takes to remove the evidence of mold, so they take on the job themselves and end up with recurrence after recurrence. Don’t tackle a job of this magnitude on your own! Instead, depend on the expertise of a company that has been doing mold mitigation Colorado Springs has relied on for years! Call Rare Restoration at the first signs of mold, and we’ll make sure mold is the least of your worries now and in the future!

Black Mold

You may have heard about black mold, also called “toxic mold,” and be worried that your family’s health is at risk when you see what you believe to be black mold. The truth of the matter is that all mold is dangerous. It can cause a wide range of allergic reactions, even in those who have never had allergies. If anyone in your home has experienced headaches, cold-like symptoms, or skin rashes, black mold – or any type, for that matter – could be to blame!

Our best advice is to leave mold alone when you find it in your home. Scrubbing and applying products will only release microscopic spores into the air, and it probably won’t produce any results anyway. Your best, safest bet is to call us as soon as you notice the mold. Let us identify it and then remove it for you safely! We have the tools and equipment it takes to remove dangerous mold for good!

Timing is Everything!

Just 2-3 days after water is introduced into an area, by flooding, increased humidity, or even a slow leak, mold can spread and become a much bigger problem that you realize! Your first priority should be getting the water source under control. This may mean bringing in dehumidifiers or doing construction renovations and repairs to remove all signs of water damage. You’ll need a renovation specialist for this stage of the project, too, so it’s best to choose a company like Rare Restoration – one that can handle the entire project start to finish – right of the bat!

Once the clean-up and restoration is complete, your mold remediation can begin. Rare Restoration supplies the mold mitigation Colorado Springs has come to expect. Our services are thorough and professional, so when you are blindsided by indoor flooding and subsequent mold growth, don’t feel like you’re in it alone! Call the experts in mold mitigation Colorado Springs residents and business owners trusts most often!

Mold Testing in Colorado Springs

Mold testing in Colorado Springs is done by Rare Restoration on a regular basis. We quickly and efficiently enter homes and businesses to test for mold. We can determine what kind of mold, if any, is in your home and choose the best method for removal. Not only is getting the mold remediated our priority, but we also have experts on hand who can repair any damage that have occurred as a result.

Necessity of Mold Testing in Colorado Springs

Many mold testing and remediation companies will oversell their testing services, claiming that you need testing when you actually don’t. Did you know that if you can see mold growing, you don’t actually need to test for it? If you can see a small section of mold, there is definitely more – or the condition for more – to grow in other parts of your home or business. When you choose a company like Rare Restoration, we’ll test for the type of mold when we get ready to remove it. Therefore, charging for mold testing is something that Rare Restoration doesn’t do if we visibly, logically can tell that mold is present.

Visible mold means that there is almost a 100% chance that there is more in a hidden area that you just can’t see. That doesn’t make it any less harmful, though! Rare Restoration is your hometown choice for all things mold…from testing to removal. We even cover the repairs that will be required to make your home or business look great again! We can make it look like the damage never happened with restorative services that are professional quality! Carpentry, plumbing, or whatever else you need to make your property as safe and beautiful as it once was – we can do it all!

One of the reasons that customers choose Rare Restoration more than any other mold remediation company is because we take care of them in every way possible, including charging them reasonable prices for all services rendered. If you’re looking for a fair, reasonable company to handle your mold issues, Rare Restoration is it!

You may think that a home mold test kit is sufficient to get the job done, but these products are often expensive and ineffective to do adequate mold testing in Colorado Springs. You’ll waste your money without actually finding out if you have mold, and you’ll still need to call a professional team like ours anyway to get the mold identified and removed without causing any further damage or putting your family at risk.

Professional mold testing in Colorado Springs is done in order to identify the type, primarily. Some types of mold are more toxic than others and require special techniques and equipment to remove them safely. Black mold is only one type of mold, and many of them can release harmful yet invisible spores into the air. Only a trained team like Rare Remediation can make these distinctions and employ the proper methods to remove every type of mold the right way!

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