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Fire Damage Restoration Services

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24/7 Fire Restoration Services

When most people think about fire damage, they think about all the things that were destroyed by the flames. However, there are many other ways your home or business can be damaged during and after a fire. The fire damage cleanup and fire damage restoration process can seem overwhelming, especially if you are trying to do the work on your own.

At Rare Restoration, we’re here to help as soon as the fire truck drives away! We offer 24/7 emergency fire board up, fire damage cleanup, fire restoration services, and fire damage cleanup in Colorado Springs, Colorado and  surrounding areas.

Do You Have an Emergency?
Rare offers 24/7 Emergency Restoration Services

Common Causes of Fire Damage

  • Cooking & Grease Fires
  • Electrical Fire
  • Dryer Vent Fire
  • Heating Equipment
  • Chimney Puff Back
  • Cigarette Smoke Damage
  • Arson
  • And more!

If you experience any of those fire damage disasters, we can work with you and your insurance company to get your home back to pre-loss condition. Whether the damage happens at 1:00 AM or 5:00 PM we’re available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to help get your property back the way it was before.

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Types of Fire Damage

fire damage

Fire Damage

The flames are damaging enough, but sometimes just the heat from the fire is enough to melt items in your home and create dangerous chemical compounds. Removing the damaged items, including carpet, sheetrock, and appliances, is the only way to rid your entire home of fire damage.

smoke damage

Smoke Damage

Smoke is bad for your lungs, as well as the internal atmosphere of your home. Air fresheners and cleaning products aren’t enough to remove the scent. Smoke can penetrate crevices that are impossible to clean. We have tools and products to get smoke residue out of your property.

water damage

Water Damage

The water that it takes to put the fire out can cause its own special kind of damage. The longer water sits, the worse the damage becomes. As a full-service restoration company, Rare Restoration can help you to remediate the damage caused by both the fire and the water!

fire extinguisher residue

Fire Extinguisher Residue

The substance inside fire extinguishers is perfect for putting out small fires, but it isn’t something you want hanging around your house for weeks. Cleaning it up is an easy task for professionals, so don’t hesitate to call us for cleanup after even the smallest fires.

The Fire Damage Cleanup Process

Our Process….

3. Water Removal

1. Inspect & Assess Damage

4. Cleaning & Sanitizing

2. Board Up Service

5. Deodorization

1. Inspect & Assess Damage

Our certified staff will carefully test and inspect all areas of your property to determine the extent of the soot, smoke or fire damage. Smoke and soot can hide in the smallest places and need to be dealt with appropriately. This is the most important part of the process when coming up with a proper plan of action.

2. Emergency Fire Board Up Service

Fire damage will usually affect the structural integrity of roofs, windows, walls, and property itself. For security purposes and to protect your property from any further damage, we can place tarps on damaged roofs and board up any missing walls or windows. This also helps protect your property for any weather elements so that additional damage doesn’t occur.

3. Water Removal

Depending on the situation the fire department may have used water to put the first out and as a result the water may have damaged the structure. We begin removing water right away to limit the amount of secondary damage. After water extraction, we utilize industrial dehumidifiers and fans/air movers to remove any remaining moisture and finish the drying process.

4. Smoke Damage Cleaning & Sanitizing

We will use a combination of professional fire damage restoration equipment to remove smoke and soot from the property. This can include air filtration devices with charcoal filters to cleanse the air and variety of cleaning methods to clean surfaces, contents and belongings back to pre-loss condition.

5. Deodorization

Eliminating a lingering smoke odor involves more than just cleaning up a mess. It requires a strategic planning and inspection to locate the causes of the odor and remove or neutralize them completely. Covering up the smell just isn’t good enough because it will eventually return and our job is to fix the issue completely, not allow it to return to remember a traumatic time.

Do You Have an Emergency?
Rare offers 24/7 Emergency Restoration Services

Premier Fire Restoration Company in Colorado Springs

When choosing a fire remediation company, you should try to find one that is preferred by national and especially your local insurance company. Fast response times are also important. Finally, you should find a company that is compassionate and understanding in a stressful time.

Rare Restoration wants to be the #1 fire damage restoration company Colorado Springs loves and trusts by providing above and beyond services and care.

There are many reasons to call Rare Restoration. Our highly trained Colorado Springs fire restoration specialists are one of those benefits. Our attention to detail, careful handling of your belongings, and superior customer service, is another great reason to choose us over other residential and commercial restoration companies. When devastation hits, we pride ourselves on being the very best fire damage restoration in Colorado Springs.


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