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Biohazard Clean Up Services in Colorado Springs CO

Rare Restoration & Cleaning provides high standard biohazard cleanup Colorado Springs can depend on. We do work with local law enforcement, but also extend our services to any other private parties who may need them as well, such as: homeowners, multi-family property owners, property management companies, real estate brokers/realtors, Home Owners Associations, and other commercial companies. We handle all biohazard clean up services with discretion and compassion. Contact us 24/7 for fast and effective biohazard clean up.

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Bio-Hazard Classifications

Biohazards include toxins, viruses, and bacteria. Below is how we rank them from greatest to least dangerous.

Biohazard Level #1

Minor viruses and bacteria including non-infectious types of bacteria. (Example – chicken pox)

Biohazard Level #2

Viruses and bacteria that are difficult to contract and can cause mild disease. (Examples – Lyme disease, hepatitis, measles, mumps)

Biohazard Level #3

Viruses and bacteria that can cause a fatal diseases HOWEVER we do have vaccines and treatments to deal/cure with them. (Examples – West Nile virus, SARS, or anthrax)

Biohazard Level #4

Viruses and bacteria that can cause fatal diseases AND we do not have a vaccine and treatment readily available. (Example – Ebola virus)


We hope this information will answer your initial questions about the Colorado Springs biohazard cleanup process in a clear professional manner. Some other questions we are regularly asked include:

What is Considered Biohazard?

Biohazard is another way to say biological hazard. Biohazard waste is considered to be any biological material (most commonly from humans) that is potentially hazardous to your health.

This could include medical waste, sharp medical equipment (“sharps”), or blood, urine, animal waste, and fire extinguisher residue, just to name a few types. Any of these things could be contaminated with infectious materials. They could also be dangerous for the environment, including plants and animals.

What Are the Risks of Bio-Hazard Materials?

Waste from humans and like-kind materials are how diseases and infections are spread and transmitted. Human waste can include liquids or other bodily fluids and blood – and body tissues such as bones. This can include any sharp objects (razor blades, syringes/needles and other sharp items that are contaminated).

These objects pose a risk because they can penetrate and puncture the skin. Other solid contaminants, which includes all non-sharp objects or materials such as latex gloves and other similar items that have been contaminated and are considered to be biohazardous.

If one is exposed to these contaminants (contaminated materials or waste materials) it can greatly put that person at risk of infection or disease. The contaminated material can contain a wide range of biohazards, which could potentially transmit illness or disease when one comes into contact with them. That is why it is best to call a professional biohazard cleanup company to deal with these types of situations.

Can I Remove Bio-Hazard Myself?

Biohazard waste removal is dangerous for untrained personnel, and the job certainly won’t be done as effectively as it should be. There are some things that you can certainly take on by yourself, but cleaning up hazardous materials shouldn’t be one of them! Trusted professionals have the tools and training to clean up any kind of biological waste.

Q – There Is An Odor Present,
When Will It Dissipate?

A – In many cases, biohazardous waste can or will emit an odor that may be unpleasant and those who hire us want to know how long until it will go away. There is not a perfect answer for this question, because it depends and varies on the situation. The condition or health of the person who passed, how long the materials have been effected, temperature, and more factors. We follow the proper procedures to remove the odor as quickly as possible.

Q – Does My Insurance Cover Your Services?

A – Biohazard cleanup can be very expensive, but the great thing is that most insurance policies will often cover those costs. In particular, if a person dies in the home and the dwelling is affected, the insurance will typically cover the professional cleanup. We routinely work with many insurance companies in our other restoration services and can provide all of the necessary documentation to submit to your insurance company.

Colorado Springs Commercial Bio-Hazard Cleanup Services

To properly dispose of biohazard waste, you need to enlist the help of a professional company like Rare Restoration! We offer biohazard waste removal for all types of businesses, including doctors’ offices, hospitals, and surgical centers. Medical facilities deal with bodily fluids, unused medicines, and other substances on a daily basis and are well trained on how to handle these things. Those in other commercial fields, however, may not be. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to call in the pros as soon as you realize a biological hazard has been released in your commercial property.

Colorado Springs Residential Biohazard Removal Services

We can even provide services for residential needs. Septic and plumbing issues can ruin more than your day, but a Rare Restoration team can restore your home or business by removing every trace of biological waste before you or your loved ones get sick!

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Your Trusted Bio-Hazard Cleaning & Removal Company

No one wants to imagine a catastrophic trauma happening inside their home, but accidents, murders, and suicides happen within the home more often that most homeowners care to think about. In the event of one of these awful occurrences, customers need a team that is sensitive, caring and thorough to remove the biological hazard from their home so that they can begin the healing, grieving or recovery that is necessary after one of these events.

Rare Restoration is the best team to call for all of these needs, because we take pride in our work.

We are the same people who run Premier Carpet Cleaning! So you will receive the same high standard of service that we’ve built our reputation on.

Biohazard waste cleanup is definitely a service that is needed by all types of customers, and we do our best to work with each one to give them 100% effective results. Less than complete is not an option for us because of the risks associated with biological materials. Therefore, choosing Rare Restoration is the only way to know that you are getting the best possible outcome.

A biohazard waste removal team should be licensed and accredited, bonded, and insured. Accept nothing less from the team you choose! In addition to the proper documentation, your waste removal team should be specially trained in their services and in service customers in a time of crisis! Do yourself a favor and decide which company you would be comfortable trusting your home or business to long before it’s an actual concern!

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